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      • 產品名稱:OST-NI-M熱電偶高溫插頭 美國OMEGA原裝OST-NI-M

      • 產品型號:
      • 產品廠商:其它品牌
      • 產品文檔:
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      OST-NI-M熱電偶高溫插頭 美國OMEGA原裝OST-NI-M由美國omega原廠渠道的深圳鑫博恒業科技有限公司特價提供,OST-NI-M熱電偶高溫插頭 美國OMEGA原裝OST-NI-M精度高,壽命長,OST-NI-M熱電偶高溫插頭 美國OMEGA原裝OST-NI-M是值得信賴的溫度測量熱電偶連接器.

      OST-NI-M熱電偶高溫插頭 美國OMEGA原裝OST-NI-M技術規格


      溫度 ? 熱電偶插頭和面板系統 ? 標準尺寸的熱電偶連接器及配件 ? OST-( )-( ), OSTW series

      Economical Hollow-Pin Design
      Color -Coding for ANSI or IEC
      High Purity Thermocouple Alloy Pins and Sockets
      Accepts up to 14 Gauge Solid or Stranded Wire
      Compatible with All Standard Size Omega Connectors

      OST-( )-( ) is a legacy design. Whenever it is the only choice it is plug compatable with the OSTW standard size round pin connectors or any other similar round pin male TC plug or Female TC jack.

      OSTW-( )-( ) standard size round pin and SMPW-( )-( ) mini size flat pin are the most current economical and widely stocked thermocouple connector designs.

      OSTW -( )-( )current version Standard size with round pins See related links.

      OSTW-( )-( ) is a standard size round pin, 2 pole TC connector assembled with high quality thermocouple alloy material. Thermocouple connectors of this design are used to connect or extend temperature sensors, extension wire and process equipment . The quick connect contact washer allows for a short straight wire to be terminated, a wire loop or wrap is not required. The Write-On Window tag is used to label as required.
      OSTW-( )-F Universal is unique because it connects to either round pin or flat pin male TC connectors.

      產品編號  產品描述

      see OSTW link for Most Popular Current Design with Contact Washers and Write-0n Window
      OST Legacy Older Version

      OST-K-M  Std size round pin, K calibration, male
      OST-T-M  Std size round pin, T calibration, male
      OST-J-M  Std size round pin, J calibration, male
      OST-E-M  Std size round pin, E calibration, male
      OST-R/S-M  Std size round pin, R/S calibration, male
      OST-U-M  Std size round pin, U calibration, male
      OST-N-M  Std size round pin, N calibration, male
      OST-K-F  Round, K calibration , female
      OST-T-F  Round, T calibration , female
      OST-J-F  Round, J calibration , female
      OST-E-F  Round, E calibration , female
      OST-R/S-F  Round, R/S calibration , female
      OST-N-F  Round, N calibration , female
      OST-U-F  Round, U calibration , female


      OST-NI-M熱電偶高溫插頭 美國OMEGA原裝OST-NI-M衍生閱讀

      OST-NI-M熱電偶高溫插頭 美國OMEGA原裝OST-NI-M相關產品


      電話:0755-82768776 0755-83987276 0755-82736276 

      粵公網安備 44030402001379號

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